Phantom Lite Multi Bracket

Best price Phantom Lite Multi Bracket

  • Mount 3 Phantom Lite Illuminators on 1 bracket!
  • Mount 2 Phantom Lites and a camera/camcorder!
  • Super strong and Light!
  • Can mount to a tripod or Phantom Handle Plus 3 Phantom Lites!

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This is for 1 bracket the picture shows the colors i have for these.This Phantom Lite Multi Bracket does everything you could dream of! Everyone is custom hand made by a paranormal investigator of over 11 years.

NEW! Colors!
This is for 1 multi bracket the picture shows the colors i have for these.
Please email me right away through amazon and tell me what color you want otherwise you will get a gloss black multi bracket.

All 1 piece construction

Aluminum super light

now 1 inch longer

Pick your color!

Gloss black, Phantom Green, Hot Pink, Sky blue

If the color you pick is out of stock you will be shipped the gloss black Multi Bracket.

The absolutely best bracket in the market guaranteed!

Mount 1, 2, or 3 Phantom Lite Illuminators to your tripod or use the Phantom Handle to hold everything in your hand! All Hardware is included. Phantom Lite Illuminators not included!

Can also do 1 or 2 Illuminators and camcorder or camera

Great tool to add to your collection!

9″ Long

1″ wide

Includes a Tripod Adapter and 2 T Screws

Everything is included to mount 1 to 3 Phantom Lite Illuminators to a tripod! Imagine the power of 3 Illuminators at once!

A deal you’ll love
Phantom Lite Multi Bracket